Ready for  kayaking with daddy.

Zebras loose in the loft!

Is that the sound of Dueling Banjos I hear?

A bunch of little sprouts in the veggie garden.

Firetruck, Firetruck, I wanna ride in a Firetruck.

Lollipops on the lawn.

Takin some pisters.

Paging David Bailey, stat!

C'mon you guys, smile!

Aw, Sophia needs a big hug from Dad.

Chris and his ladies...

Nice boots...

Hide and seek with Pops at HQ.

Lots of fun (about two minutes before the mitten fell off, the party ended, and the tears began...)

A kitchen for Christmas is oh so nice...

Christmas in Washington...

Trick or Treat!!! (note booty in background...)

Birthday present!

Cool Chinese jacket.

Coloring in my new booster seat...

Such a cutie.

C'mon Dad, let's go outside.

Nice hot bubbles bath.

At the Dow's house in Wauwinet.

Harrison pushes a "baby".

Two years old today. Woo hoo!

Let them eat cake.