Would have done pretty well if a certain someone hadn't eaten a good portion of the stock.

Heeeeere's Savvi!

And swinging up to the slide in the first place.

First down the slide, clearing the path, leading the way, in the van...

Toss up as to who's site got this shot.

Couple of city slickers in swingin' Tribeca.

Avast, ye scoundrels!

Not sure Gran'Pa Tom  understands the full import and subtlety of the sophisticated wordplay.

Radio Flying with neighbor Katya.

Barrel of laughs on a barrel horse at the DC Children's Museum.

Psst. Wanna buy some huraches?

Yet another in an increasingly long line of ballerinisms.

First time on skis. First of many, we hope.

Sledding fun. Before the encounter with the pricker bush.

Polar bear in a car seat.

Mean streets.

Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa men have named you...

Dad  (the Professional) apparently needs to learn how to keep his thumb off the flash.

Follow the Yellow, er, Wood Road!

Toto the Monkey?

Hey, hey, hey, look at me.

Sleeping with the best buddy.

Why that dog likes them best I'll never know.

Off to Washington for Thanksgiving.

Madeline makes the miles slide buy.

So many pink outfits, so little time.

Ahh, relaxing with a nice quiet meal.

Madeline costume on Halloween.

Examining the Haul...

Autumn is for leaf piles.

Hopping mad, or just mad?

Oh the cuteness, I really can't stand it...